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Wailea Marriott Luau Review

Wailea Sunset MauiMay, 2007

My cousin lives on Maui, and suggested we go to a Luau. My girlfriend, my cousin, his fiancé, and I arrived at the Marriott around 5:45pm. My cousin had been before, but for the rest of us, it was our first time.

The Luau was set up right on the water in a beautiful setting. Before anything, we received Lei's of white shells. Then we were seated at a large table with a few other couples. I think they knew who to pair us off with, because we really hit it off with our new friends. Just after introductions, I made my way to the open bar and enjoyed my first Pina Colada. Living in Europe doesn't afford me many chances to enjoy tropical beverages. It was delicious and refreshing. My lady and I decided to take a walk around the Luau grounds. We looked at local Hawaiian crafts while listening to a great live band.

Musicians playing on the oceanWe took our time walking around, and watched the sun as it lowered over the islands in the near distance. Dinner was served buffet style with a beautiful set up of numerous dishes. It was well organized, and I don't think anyone had to wait to get to the food. I like to try a little of everything, but even with tiny portions of it all, I managed to make a heaping plate of food. My girlfriend went a different route by choosing good-sized portions of what she knew she would like. Everything was spectacular! I've never had such delicious pork. It melted in my mouth. The Chicken was incredibly tender and succulent. We also tried Poi. Poi is a thin paste made from Taro leaves. I've always wanted to try this traditional Hawaiian food. I was surprised at how good it was. It looks a bit funny, but has an interesting tangy after taste. My lady did not share my feelings, but she was happy with everything else she'd chosen.

The meal was leisurely and superb. After a large meal, Mai Tai, and Pina Colada, I was as relaxed and happy as I could be. Somehow, my cousin talked me into getting up to try the dessert buffet. I was not disappointed after trying some mouth-watering sweets. My lady decided to have a cool glass of white wine as her dessert. There really isn't anything like sitting with a cold drink with the warm Maui breezes against your face.

Hula showAll of this while being entertained by the luau performers, and watching a perfect Maui sunset over the ocean. It seemed on more than one occasion, I caught our table all with big smiles beaming into the Maui sky, totally oblivious to the wonderful food in front of us. The torch lighting ceremony was performed during all of this. As we sipped on our cocktails, we watched the show. At one point, they taught hula and my cousin's girlfriend went up with a bunch of others to learn. It looked like a lot of fun, but I really couldn't leave the comfort of my chair. Besides, it's difficult to hula with a mai tai in one hand and cake in the other.

Luau BuffetThe show was so much fun. I didn't know what to expect. Our guide explained Hawaiian folklore and fascinated us with Polynesian history. The dances were elaborate and beautiful. The costumes were unreal! When the performers first came out, I was astonished at the procession. It was really incredible. One of my favorite parts was when the men did a fire dance. I was sure that someone would leave with injuries, but somehow these professionals managed to finish unscathed. Actually, I had many favorite moments. From the lady doing acrobatics up in the trees to the fire Knife dancer, the show was much more than I'd expected.

We all left with smiles and new friends. Our satisfaction was not exclusive to our table; we saw the look on the faces of other couples, friends, and families. The Wailea Marriott Luau does not disappoint. If you're in Maui, go to this Luau!!

Thanks, Maui Hawaii Luau! You got us the best price I could find and were very helpful in giving me directions over the phone. Mahalo.


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