Maui Hawaii Luau Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is appropriate attire for a Maui luau?
A: Just about anything you like. There will be people dressed in their best aloha wear and there will be people wearing board shorts and t-shirts. It really is best just to wear whatever you are comfortable in. Note: Formal attire may be a bit much, not to mention really hot. If you are looking to purchase some Aloha wear for a luau, check out Aloha Shirt Shop in our links area they have all the great luau wear you are looking for.

Q: Do I need to bring money with me?
A: Bringing a little money can never hurt. You may want to tip your servers or bartenders. There will be local artisans with crafts and Hawaiian gifts which you may want to purchase as well. Most luaus also offer photos of you taken as you enter the luau grounds as a keepsake for a small fee.

Q: What is poi? Should I eat it?
A: Poi is a staple food of the Polynesian islands. It is made from taro root, which is then pounded into a paste. Should you eat it? Sure, poi is fairly bland and I have heard it compared to wallpaper paste, but it is really not that bad. Try mixing it with lomi lomi salmon or fresh pineapple and you may find it quite good.

Q: Which luau is the most Hawaiian?
A: All of the luaus will pay homage to Hawaiian culture. The only luau that focuses on Hawaii only is the Old Lahaina Luau. Other luaus will also offer songs and dances from other Polynesian islands.

Q: I am with a large group, can a luau accommodate us?
A: No problem, just call us at 808-270-0881 and one of our agents would be more than willing to help.

Q: Can a vegetarian enjoy a luau?
A: Anyone can enjoy a Hawaiian luau! The real question here is, are you a strict vegan? If so, there might not be so much to eat, but you can still enjoy the drinks and shows. Some Luaus do try to help with this so feel free to ask your agent if the luau you are interested in can help with this. If you are just a vegetarian who eats milk products and egg products, you will find plenty to eat on the buffet, including salads, breads, desserts, poi, sweet potatoes and many more great choices.

Q: How long does a luau last?
A: This depends on the luau you choose but most start between 4PM and 5pm and end between 7:30PM and 9PM.

Q: We are coming to Maui for a honeymoon, wedding or anniversary, is there a more intimate luau?
A: If you are looking for a more intimate luau, we suggest The Feast at Lele. This is our pick for the most romantic Maui luau.

Q: Is there parking available?
A: Most luaus provide parking, some are free, some are not. A few luaus offer valet parking as well. Just ask your agent about the luau you have selected, and they will have all the info you need.

Q: Is transportation to and from the luau available?
A: At the current time, Maui does not have a reliable bus or transportation system to all areas of the island. Cabs are always available and tend not to be overly expensive.

Q: Where can I learn more about hula and Hawaiian culture?
A: Each luau can teach you a bit about Hawaii and Polynesian culture, but the Hawaiian Homepage is an incredible resource if you would like to learn more.

Q: Which luaus are on the beach?
A: All of the luaus we offer are either on the beach or right next to the ocean. All of the Maui luaus offer excellent sunset views and plenty of chances for sunset photos.

Q: Are luaus family friendly?
A: Absolutely! All of the luaus are appropriate for families. We suggest the Kaanapali Beach Luau as our favorite for families. This Maui luau offers a child’s buffet with favorite comfort foods. Adults are $69.95 and children under 12 are one free per paying adult. You can’t beat that!

Q: Are cameras and video cameras allowed?
A: Both cameras and video cameras are allowed at luaus. For certain portions of the show they may ask you to refrain from using flash photography for the safety of performers and the enjoyment of other audience members.

Q: How is seating determined?
A: Standard seating at most luaus is first come first serve. There is not a bad seat in the house at any of these luaus, but if you would prefer to sit up front, many offer reserved seating for an extra fee. Just give us a call and our agents would be glad to help you out. 808-270-0881