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Wailea Marriott Luau – Tihati Te Au Moana

The Wailea Marriott Luau welcomes you with a fresh flower lei and a warm smile. A constant among the vast generations of Hawaiians and Polynesians is the ocean tide. The tide linking all of Oceania, Wailea Marriott Luau -Te Au Moana-, shares the ancestral telling’s of the people of Maui and the Pacific through lavish songs and dances; songs and dances that celebrate their intrinsic skills. Fishing, gathering, gift giving, romance, tapa making (bark cloth) were vital aspects of daily Polynesian life. The Wailea Marriott Luau – Te Au Moana – celebrates these natural relationships among the Polynesians, and invites you to enjoy an extraordinary Luau experience like no other.

Luau Pricing:

Adults $103.95
Kids 6-12 $75
Available Mon, Thurs, Fri & Sat
Regular price is $118
Save $28 Per Couple

Flower Craft: It is common throughout Polynesia to find great gatherings of people weaving indigenous foliage and flowers into elaborate arrangements. Guests will share in this pastime by creating their own floral piece; and learn of the significance of the lei and experience its timeless appeal.

Kapa: Otherwise tapa or bark cloth can be found throughout all of Polynesia. To Hawaiians it is a hana no’eau or skilled art that survived extinction and is being constantly revived.

Coconut Husking: The coconut is a central staple to the Polynesian diet. Maui’s mother Hina is closely associated with the coconut throughout the South Pacific. Our coconut artisan will demonstrate the skill of husking, opening, and processing of the coconut from liquid to milk as it has been prepared for hundreds of years


Mahi Mahi with Lemon Butter
Imu Baked Kalua Pig
Grilled Teriyaki Steaks
Shoyu Chicken
Garlic Fried Rice
Molokai Sweet Potatoes
House-made Macaroni Salad
Tossed Kula Greens, papaya seed dressing
Lomi Lomi Salad
Chuka Soba noodle salad
Pineapple Coleslaw

Stir-fry Vegetables Sweet rolls & Butter
Pineapple upside down cake Coconut Haupia
Coconut maroons Brownies
Double Chocolate Cake Key Lime Squares
Pecan Chocolate Chip Cookies Coconut Layer Cake


Casual Hula’s and Story Telling: Hula to share with guests who wish to remain seated and enjoy the ambiance.

Tongan Crafters: Dressed in traditional garments, our cousins the Tongan Crafters and Carvers display hand crafted artifacts for discussion and storytelling.

Samoan Crafter: Native to the islands of Samoa, our Samoan crafter shares with you the crafts and stories behind the crafts that come from her homeland.

Hawaiian Artisans: Maui’s own Kapu family will provide a Hawaiian exhibit and offer deep insight into the multitude of Hawaiian Weapons, epic voyages, and royal lineages of Maui.

Ulumaika: A Hawaiian game played during the Makahiki otherwise harvest festival where peace and the arts were enjoyed by all.

Fresh Flower or Fish-hook Lei’s: Symbolic of the bond between oneself and the land, such is manifested by wearing a lei. (lei’s subject to availability)

Imu: The remarkable underground oven cooking of a whole pig using the same tools and methods of the ancients.

Te Au Moana (The Ocean Tide) Show
Following our Kupuna’s (ancestors) method of storytelling, Te Au Moana comes to life in a storytelling format.

Act I:
A retelling of the legendary episodes of Maui as he lifted the heavens from the earth so that man could walk tall, slowing the sun so that his mother Hina could dry her kapa, retrieving ava from the gods so that man could partake, and the fishing up of the islands from the sea.

Act II:
Features dances from Tahiti, Tonga, and the Atolls of Cook Island to demonstrate the inherent relationship among all of Oceania.

Act III:
Celebrates the island of Maui with contemporary songs and hula, including ukulele players, a vibrant torch dance, and the dangerous fire knife dance of Samoa.

Be sure to learn all about the Hawaii Luau History before you attend!

I loved the luau it was my first time here in the maui island and you guys were great. Food was also fantastic I loved the teriyaki steak. Really loved the host very informative about the history of the culture.

– Gee Y.

Very lovely. The dancers and the story line were great. This is my second time and it was still great.

– Michael C.

Nice ocean background, food was healthy and delicious, the Mistress of Ceremonies was absolutely excellent, beautiful dancers and good music by the band. We had a very good time.

– Carol G.